We’re still here!

Wow. If anyone had told us a few months ago where we’d be now, would you have believed them? We keep asking ourselves the same thing and we’re really not sure if we would! 

The past weeks have flown by in a blur, and we are long overdue a post! It turns out, trying to write a blog without using the word ‘unprecedented’ is nigh on impossible in these strangely eerie and unusual times. We’re all adapting to a way of living that we never expected we’d have to. At Rachael’s Kitchen we have been blown away by the support we have received and, whilst maintaining excellent social distancing measures and safety precautions, have been somewhat protected in our little ‘bubble’ and we need to reach out and send a big wave to you all (from a safe distance of course). 

We’ve very quickly had to adapt to new ways of working, we were already a close team but working together through a crisis really brings a new bond that we know we’ll always look back on with some sadness and lots of fondness, finding ways to laugh has been high on the agenda and being the newest member of the team I’ve been volunteering at every opportunity to ‘test’ our lovely treats, it’s important for business, OK?!!   

One thing that has been made abundantly clear over the past few weeks is that we ALL need cake. They have become an essential part of any lockdown diet (hands up if you fear none of your friends or family will recognise you when we emerge?!) and through the gift messages we are writing and printing each day, we can literally feel the outpouring of love from our customers. 

Weddings have been postponed, milestone birthdays are being missed, loved ones are lonely or unwell, and we cannot be there to hold their hands or physically show them our love. So we do what we do best, we bundle that love that is bursting in our hearts into a gorgeous box of something sweet and delicious. 

We’ve always aimed to make people smile with our cupcakes, but we feel we have a new deeper appreciation for what that white box and red ribbon arriving on the doorstep can really do or mean to someone. I have no doubt that like many of our readers, we will emerge from this with a greater appreciation for those we hold close, because we will be holding them close, whilst sharing a cup of tea and a cake. 

Stay safe and well, 


Published Apr 30th, 2020
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