The Year We Will Never Forget

When you start to write a blog about 2020, where do you start?! I can’t help but cast my mind back to January 1st, the start of the New Year, full of hopes, dreams and goals. It’s safe to say that things haven’t quite gone to plan (I actually totally gave up and threw my diary in the bin in September, amazed that it took that long!) and I’m sure as we look to round out this strangest of years, we will all be looking ahead, with lots of hope for a more positive 2021.

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all of us, be it through health, employment, travel, studies or being forced to spend valuable time apart from those closest to us, it has taken its toll both physically and mentally. To all the parents who’ve had to homeschool this year, you deserve medals and to all our Key Workers, we thank you immensely.

Whilst emailing with a customer this week, who has placed a few orders with us throughout lockdown, she summed it up beautifully by saying it felt like she was sending a hug in a box.

So many customers have reached out to send cupcakes for family and friends whose birthdays have been missed, weddings postponed, new babies born or just to let someone know they are thinking of them. It got me thinking about how fortunate we have been as a business this year, and it’s deeper than baking and selling cupcakes.

Bringing people together, making people smile, strengthening relationships. We have always cared, we are gift givers and we love the delight that our cupcakes create. However, our business has new found depth, and we are so grateful to all our customers for showing us that.

As we push into December, we have launched our festive product range and it’s so exciting to see our order book filling up. We just wanted to say a huge thank you for your support, we appreciate it so very much and we hope that whilst this year is set to be much quieter than most, we do hope you enjoy the build up to Christmas and that you all stay safe and well.

And by safe and well we of course mean that we hope you can keep cosy at home, stuffing yourself with cupcakes and treats!


Lucy x

Updated Nov 25th, 2022
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