The Importance of Gifts

When we think about how much everything has changed this year, it is utterly mind-blowing. We have all been affected in one way or another, be it personal or business, or most likely both.

There is no denying that the entire corporate world that we move in has undergone seismic change, and I think we all understand that it will be a very long time before things are back to how they were, or if they ever will be.

At Rachael’s Kitchen, we specialise in finding creative ways to engage with friends, family, customers and potential clients and 2020 has shown us that we can think quickly and react to changing market conditions.

Businesses in the UK have been turned on their heads with up to 9.6 million employees on furlough during lockdown and many corporations upping roots from HQ’s and offices, quickly implementing a working from home strategy. This has demonstrated a mixture of positive benefits, and logistical difficulties over the past few months. 

The way we interact with our colleagues and employees has changed dramatically and without the watercooler chats and face to face meetings, the importance of engagement and recognition has become even more important.

Away from our own workplaces, B2B interactions are now an entirely different entity. Where you may have travelled up and down the country to meet new connections on the golf course, over a working lunch, or in their office, meetings are now being conducted virtually. And whilst these meetings are not damaging for productivity, there is such value in meeting a client in person, building connections, and leaving that all important lasting and meaningful impression.

So, what is the answer? Gifting is the perfect way to connect. Be it with your own employees who need a boost as part of a reward and recognition initiative, with existing clients who you want to touch base with – perhaps one or other of you has been furloughed and are just making your returns to work – or if it’s reaching out to a new client to start a conversation about your next big contract.

The key with gifting is to make it personal. What was previously considered a nice gesture, such as a gift card, has been shown in recent studies to feel impersonal. Recipients value the thought put into a gift when it is targeted at their likes and passions.

This is where Rachael’s Kitchen can help. With each order, we start with your requirements.  Our team will offer their expertise in helping you choose the perfect combination of cupcakes and flavours. Our delicious handmade cupcakes can have an edible logo on top with buttercream to match and our beautiful presentation boxes can be branded with your logo and colours.  We will add co-ordinated ribbons and a personalised gift note with your message.  

Want to make it extra special?  We also have partnerships with some excellent drinks retailers and can add bottles of spirits, wines, or beers to create that perfect gift.  Are they celebrating a birthday?  We also offer candles, confetti, and balloons. We have thought of it all, so you don’t have to. Here are some ideas on how you can interact with your clients.

Celebrating new partnerships

The business world is still operating, and new partnerships and relationships are starting every day.  What better way to celebrate these and launch kick off meetings, which could be remote video conferences or virtual events, than with a gift set sent to attendees that can be shared together on the call.  This example includes a box of 6 branded cupcakes to celebrate the new partnership as well as a miniature craft Gin & Tonic for a team toast at the end of the meeting or event.

Gin Cupcake Corporate Gift

New business opportunities

We are all aware that when prospecting new business, building relationships plays a key part.  With many new business calls happening over the phone or via video calls, striking up that connection can be harder than sitting over from each other at a table.  Following up the meeting with a personalised box of cupcakes and a thank you message can really help cement that relationship.  We offer branded cupcakes, personalised messages on the cakes, or you could opt for an eye-catching selection of our most popular flavours for something a little different.

Existing client interaction

Celebrating the signing of a contract, a business anniversary or your partners being back to work?  Birthdays and anniversaries are a great opportunity to reach out and congratulate a client. TikTok recently sent cupcakes to some of their top users to mark it’s 2nd birthday, creating positive social engagement, whilst another of our accounts sent cupcakes and Champagne to their colleagues across the UK and in Europe to celebrate their relationship in place of being able to get together in person.

For those still in the workplace and events

Do you manage a large team that have continued to work at your office or factory during lockdown?  Are you having an event to celebrate the launch of a new product? Our individually packaged cupcakes are a perfect way to celebrate or simply to say Thank You or ‘Welcome Back’.  They are packaged in transparent recyclable pods to ensure they are Covid friendly whilst still showing off the message and branding.

Competition prizes

Next time you’re looking to run a marketing campaign with a giveaway or a social media competition, consider a box of branded cupcakes as your prize. We’ve supplied companies who have seen fantastic levels of engagement and interaction as a result of this. Who doesn’t want the chance to win a box of delicious cupcakes?

Occasions (Pride / Christmas )

Whilst It’s easy to always think of work, there are occasions and celebrations that warrant cupcakes. If you’re celebrating Pride or Diversity in the workplace, maybe you’re thinking about a religious holiday or festival, we can help.

If any of these gift campaign ideas tempt you, please do get in touch at and let us help create a tasty and impactful cupcake gift initiative!

Updated Sep 30th, 2022
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