Last Minute Party?

We all know that one person who says they don’t like celebrating their birthday, they will talk about it for weeks how they don’t want a fuss! But then last minute they have a change of heart and decide they would like a party and you are the one that has to organise.

Que the panic!

Where will you find everything you need at such short notice? Well look no further, our online shop has everything you need to arrange a party including decorations, candles and most importantly party cupcakes!

Our Happy Birthday bunting will compliment any party, it is on string that can be tied or hung from virtually anything.


Customers can buy this confetti to decorate the party table which is available in blue, pink or multicoloured.


As well as a huge range of birthday candles from individuals to one’s that say Happy Birthday.


We have cupcakes stands that hold up 36 cupcakes in a white to match any colour theme.


Lastly we are able to provide bespoke designed cupcakes for customers that can include message, pictures or specific themes delivered next day to any address in the UK.


We have also complied a lastminute party checklist to make things as easy for you as possible;

  • Camera – make sure you have one handy!
  • Venue – does everyone know where they are going
  • Music – have you made a playlist or checked that spotify don’t have one ready and waiting.
  • Transport – make sure you have the taxi numbers handy!








Updated Nov 25th, 2022
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