Happy Dad’s Day!

Father’s Day 2020 – I don’t think that’ll be one that any of us will forget. Events tend to creep up on us at the best of time, and in this strange Covid world we currently find ourselves in, where days and weeks have blended into one big PJ wearing, Netflix watching, banana bread baking daze, we at Rachael’s Kitchen HQ are gearing up for another busy few weeks to do what we do best, deliver cupcakes for special occasions, and, as has become clear, to help bridge the gap between loved ones when a global pandemic strikes!

As UK lockdown restrictions begin to move towards being relaxed, Father’s Day may be the first opportunity many will have to see their Dad after weeks apart and I think that is probably the best gift most Dad’s could ask for this year. In the past we would be scrambling around the shops to find gifts, a lot of which they don’t actually need, as we get sucked into the hype of having to lavish expensive presents on our Dad’s where in actual fact, as I think we’ve all learnt this year, that the best gift of all, is ourselves, our time, our listening ear, our laughter, all of which are best enjoyed with a cup of tea and a cake (of course).  

For those, like myself, who’s Dad is no longer with us, we feel you too, know that you’re not alone. These dates can feel painful, but are also a great time to reflect on your wonderful memories and share some funny stories, like me and the time I was out clubbing with my friends at the age of 18 when (to my horror) saw my Dad stroll in with some colleagues from his work Christmas party and gave me £50 not to tell my Stepmum. In 1998, and £1 for a bottle of Hooch, my friends and I felt like we’d won the lottery!

I’d like to sign off with a huge THANK YOU. We have been blown away and truly overwhelmed by your support during this recent time, our customers are just the kindest, loveliest people. Every day we are sending out cupcake deliveries for missed birthdays, postponed weddings, new baby arrivals and ‘just because’. The generosity and kindness you have shown to your friends, co-workers and families has been so heartwarming and has brought smiles to our faces every day. We appreciate you and we thank you. 

Until next time, stay safe, 


Published Jun 11th, 2020
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