Alternatives to flowers for Valentine’s day: Cakes

This Year, Don’t Say it With Flowers

Valentine’s Day is the day to express love and appreciation to that special someone in your life. Traditionally, this has been done with a carefully worded card and a bunch of flowers. Because flowers need to be freshly purchased, it has become common to see queues forming outside florists on February 14th. Although bouquets are lovely to receive, flowers are also the gift given to your mum when she’s helped you out or to a colleague who is moving on. To really say something special to your loved one, choose alternatives to flowers for Valentines Day.

Give Something Different for Valentines Day

If you can splash the cash, then an unforgettable evening out can be much more original than giving flowers as a gift. A play at the theatre, a concert or even a comedy act is more unique than dinner at your local restaurant. Delivering a memorable night takes careful thought and organisation. And this is what will show your partner you care – it lets them know you are always thinking of them and you aren’t taking anything for granted. Tokens of love that require imagination and planning make ideal gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Having something handmade, for example, requires arrangement in advance and that’s what makes it extra special. It could be something small but personal such as a lady’s or gent’s handkerchief embroidered with initials or a favourite motif. A photo frame etched with a special date and filled with an image of the two of you is something to be treasured forever. One of the top alternatives to flowers for valentines day is jewellery. If the piece has been personally designed or engraved with a thoughtful message, the jewellery will touch a heart like no other present.

When it comes to handmade gifts, nothing is more thoughtful than cakes for Valentines Day. After all, the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. Cakes won’t break the bank either, so they’re perfect if you’re on a budget. Get out your favourite cookbook, ask your friends for recommendations and trawl the internet for the perfect recipe to show exactly how much you care.

Cakes Make Great Alternatives to Flowers for Valentines Day

If you’re a star baker, then whipping up a dreamy cake will be a breeze. Create a showstopper that includes your Valentine’s favourite ingredients, colours and flavours. Finish the cake with icing or toppings that will make it look as good as it tastes. Beautifully presented, it will steal their heart all over again.

However, creating a cake sensation could be quite difficult if you share your home with your beau. Unless they are going away for a few days, you might have your work cut out keeping all this baking a secret. And if you’re not too proficient in the kitchen, then your creation might not turn out to be the feast-for-the-eyes you hoped for. It takes practice to make the perfect cake, so if it’s something you’ve never tried before – perhaps the Feb 14th isn’t the time to start baking.

If a cake is your answer to giving something different for Valentine’s Day, then take all the stress out of the day and order gift cakes by post. At Rachael’s Kitchen, you can make the gift personal by selecting cupcakes individually put together in a box custom made for your true love. Choose six or twelve cupcakes and pick out the flavours that reflect your time together. You can even include edible heartfelt messages as toppings, or send in a favourite photo as a jpeg and each cupcake comes topped with an image that means something special. If you still think that sending flowers as a gift is part of Valentine’s Day tradition, then pick a dozen red rose cupcakes. The buttercream icing is piped to look just like a rose. With vegan and gluten-free options, there’s no excuse not to spoil that special someone. Place your order days or weeks in advance, and they will be delivered on time. They are perfect as alternative valentine’s day gifts.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone in Your Life

On February 14th, don’t stop at gifts just for your one true love. Why not treat your colleagues to a box of cupcakes to let them know you love the support they give you. If you’re the boss, tell the team you adore their enthusiasm for results and order cupcakes for each member of staff. That’s the great things about these sweet treats, they can be shared by everyone. What could be better than cupcakes for alternatives to flowers for valentines day?

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Updated Nov 25th, 2022
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