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Top Ideas For The Food To Take To A Christmas Party

Ideas for The Best Christmas Party Food

The Christmas season is a fun time filled with family get-togethers, office parties and nights out with friends. It’s also a foody time too when we all happily tuck into delicious meals, extra snacks and sweet treats. With so many gatherings being organised, chances are you’ll be invited to a party that asks you to take a dish to share. These affairs are great to go to, you get the chance to sample other people’s dishes, but you also have to decide what food to bring to a Christmas party. The choices are endless – do you take something savoury or sweet? For the main course or pud? Don’t make it a stressful time, all you need is a little planning and a flip through the recipe books. Choose an option that gives you the most bang for your buck and get the party started!

Christmas Nibbles and Snacks

Picky bits always go down a storm at a party – little bites that pop in the mouth in between welcoming hugs and ‘how are you’s?’. It doesn’t take much effort to bake cheese straws and if you use ready-made pastry, they can take minutes to prepare. You can avoid cooking altogether by wrapping the thinly sliced ham around fig wedges. Make little crostini from chopped tomato, garlic and French bread slices toasted for a few minutes. All you need is a handful of ingredients and 20 minutes. It’s all about the presentation – set everything on a large plate with a few chopped herbs or fresh holly leaves and your hosts will be truly impressed.

Tried and Tested Christmas Party Dishes

Received an initiation but not sure what food to bring to a Christmas party? Buffet parties are a great idea, each guest can pick and choose the food they want to pile on their plates. If you’ve been tasked with taking your speciality along, then get your apron on and whip up something yummy. How about a home-made dip such as spicy feta and chilli combo or trendy baba ganoush? Don’t forget to take pittas or carrot sticks to go along with your dip. Another easy dish to create involves wrapping camembert in Spanish ham and baking it in the oven. Baked cheeses go beautifully with crusty bread so add this to your shopping list. If you’re good at making a hearty chilli con carne, take a large bowl of it and add tortilla chips. There are lots of great ideas out there, but it does require some careful planning if you’re going to create something from scratch. Not only do you need time to cook these tasty dishes, but you have to shop for the ingredients too. You could be super organised and freeze a dish ahead of time such as a lasagne or hand-rolled meatballs – you’ll be so pleased you did come the night of the party when you’ve more time to get ready.

Save the Best ‘til Last

Everyone loves dessert, so when it’s time to serve the sweet treats, showstopper Christmas cakes finish the party meal of perfectly. There’s nothing more festive than a traditional fruit cake with all the trimmings. Everyone loves a chocolate gateaux complete with freshly whipped cream so if you love to see your creations disappear in minutes, bake one of these. Remember to leave plenty of time to ice and finish your dessert so it looks fantastic on the night.

If the festive season is just too busy for you to create amazing Christmas cakes, why not order a box of cupcakes that have been lovingly prepared instore. They will make a stunning centrepiece to the dessert table and will go down a treat at the end of the meal. There are different cupcakes to choose from with flavours like lemon & lime, coffee and peach, and gluten-free versions meaning that no one feels left out. Christmassy messages come atop some and others are covered in sprinkles and glitter. At Rachael’s Kitchen, you can get your cupcakes delivered to your door the very next day, but you can also order ahead of time and pick the best date to receive your festive treats. That way you’re prepared nice and early, ready for the Christmas fun to begin.

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