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  • Cupcakes For Charity: Seeker Digital Does Cupcake Day

    Seeker Digital Cupcakes

    This is a guest post from Seeker Digital, a digital marketing agency based in Bristol and a happy Rachael’s Kitchen customer.

    Cupcake Day: it’s about more than just cakes

    At Seeker, we love marketing, outreach and, of course, cupcakes. But the only thing Seekers love more than delicious cupcakes? Helping out a great charity doing great things.

    Last month, Seeker Digital hosted its own Cupcake Day to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society. Read on to discover exactly what Alzheimer’s Society does, how much we raised, and feast your eyes on the delicious treats we sold for a worthy cause.

    Cupcake Day is a nationwide fundraising event in aid of the UK’s leading dementia charity, Alzheimer’s Society.

    It’s a tried-and-tested method that’s always a fundraising favourite: simply bake (or buy!) a selection of delicious treats and sell them to raise money for charity. You can essentially eat cupcakes entirely guilt-free — what’s not to love?

    We got in touch with Rachael’s Kitchen and sourced some gorgeous branded cupcakes for the day, selling them in the reception of our office building, in Bristol.

    Alzheimer’s Society: keeping dementia a priority

    Alzheimer’s Society is the UK’s leading dementia charity. They campaign to keep dementia on the political agenda, tirelessly fund raise for research into a cure, and also help people living with dementia cope every day.

    There are three pillars to Alzheimer’s Society’s work: support, society, and research.

    Alzheimer’s Society supports the hundreds of thousands of people coping with dementia in the UK, as well as the many families, loved ones, and carers that look after people with this condition day after day.

    The charity also campaigns to help people understand dementia’s impact on society and its urgency as a social issue. Working tirelessly to keep dementia a priority for the government and healthcare systems, as well as helping improve conditions for sufferers from a top-down level.

    Finally, Alzheimer’s Society works hard to fund research into finding a cure for dementia. There is currently no cure and no way to prevent dementia, but Alzheimer’s Society is certain they can beat it through funded research — and that’s where Cupcake Day comes in.

    Rachael’s Kitchen provided the icing on the cake

    Charity Cupcakes

    When Seeker needed cupcakes, Rachael’s Kitchen sprung to mind, mainly because the brand’s eponymous founder features heavily in Google’s Digital Garage marketing training course.

    After getting in contact, we soon found that the cupcake specialist was able to deliver exactly what we were looking for; delicious branded bakes displaying our distinctive green and orange colours.

    On the day, the cupcakes went down a storm. The entire tray sold out in less than an hour — not even a single crumb was left! If you missed out on the action, you’ll just have to make do with these tantalising snaps…

    Show me the money!

    Seeker was lucky enough to have some very generous donations from our fellow tenants, and overall, we raised over £135 for Alzheimer’s Society. Considering we only had 48 cupcakes to sell, that’s a significant amount. However, to add to the total, our directors have agreed to double the donation to over £270 if digital copywriter, Elliot Taylor, shaves his head for the cause. Head over to our Twitter for updates soon!

    Seeker’s other charitable collaborations

    Cupcake Day isn’t the first time Seeker has worked to raise funds for charity.

    Seeker regularly makes the trip to BrightonSEO, one of the biggest search marketing conferences in the world. The last couple of times we’ve attended, we did our own charity bingo to raise money for the Prince’s Trust and Young Enterprise. And as September’s BrightonSEO draws near, we’re already planning what we can do next time…

    Charity is at the heart of what Seeker does. We love reaching out to the community and sharing the love with great charities doing great things. Massive thanks to Rachael’s Kitchen for helping to make our latest charity contribution the massive success it was.

  • Corporate Gifting Strategy

    Are you bored of sending the same old hampers to clients? Are you looking for a gift that really delivers?

    It’s important to remember the people that have helped our companies to grow and prosper, and sending a corporate gift can be a fitting way to say thank you. It can help strengthen key relationships and bring in new business.

    We provide unique corporate gifting that leaves your customer in no doubt about how you feel, we are able to offer something extra special by printing any logo or message or even working to specific themes.  We have handpicked a few of our favourite branded Christmas cupcakes from last year;


    We work with your brand guidelines to offer a fully personalised corporate gifting solution.  By adding your branding to the box with stickers, bellybands or colour coded ribbon you will definitely make an impression. We also have the option of adding a bottle of bubbly or two in the delivery to really say thank you! If you would like some more information or prices please click here or alternatively email – We look forward to hearing from you!! 🎁🎅



  • Last Minute Party?

    We all know that one person who says they don’t like celebrating their birthday, they will talk about it for weeks how they don’t want a fuss! But then last minute they have a change of heart and decide they would like a party and you are the one that has to organise.

    Que the panic!

    Where will you find everything you need at such short notice? Well look no further, our online shop has everything you need to arrange a party including decorations, candles and most importantly party cupcakes!

    Our Happy Birthday bunting will compliment any party, it is on string that can be tied or hung from virtually anything.


    Customers can buy this confetti to decorate the party table which is available in blue, pink or multicoloured.


    As well as a huge range of birthday candles from individuals to one’s that say Happy Birthday.


    We have cupcakes stands that hold up 36 cupcakes in a white to match any colour theme.


    Lastly we are able to provide bespoke designed cupcakes for customers that can include message, pictures or specific themes delivered next day to any address in the UK.


    We have also complied a lastminute party checklist to make things as easy for you as possible;

    • Camera – make sure you have one handy!
    • Venue – does everyone know where they are going
    • Music – have you made a playlist or checked that spotify don’t have one ready and waiting.
    • Transport – make sure you have the taxi numbers handy!









  • Graduation Gift Guide

    It’s that time of year again! Mortarboards flying through the air, Champagne flowing, and gifts being given to celebrate graduations. We have put together a few of our favourite graduation gifts, whether they have decided to travel, jump straight into the world of work or aren’y quite sure we have got the gift!

    Gift for the traveller – Wherever they are travelling we think we have found the perfect gift! A portable pocket sized photo printer, you are able to print directly from your phone, adding text, borders and emojis. Why not add a few paper refills to complete the gift?

    Gift for the job seeker – Whether they have a job lined up or going searching for the perfect first job we think a great gift is a personalised business card holder, you are able to add personal touches such as images/messages or just keep it simple. Here are a few of our favourites..

    Gift for the not sure what’s next – Not everyone comes out of university with a clear idea of what they are doing next, however we have the perfect gift for these people! A photobook!! It is so simple to make one online with companies offering you templates for the whole book including colour schemes and easy photo editing software. So get on facebook and Instagram and start downloading, you can get in contact with friends for funny stories and start making.

    OF course we couldn’t forget the best graduation gift of all…CUPCAKES!!! We have a huge range to choose from as well as being able to personalise and make handmade decorations for something extra special.












  • Beat the Exam Stress with Cupcakes!

    For those who are studying exam stress can be unavoidable, unfortunately it is part of student life for most but fear not we have put together a few tips to help you through it with cupcakes!

    Don’t ignore it! – even though the sun is shining and your friends have given themselves the morning off doesn’t mean you should to, realising what you have to do and starting it is the first step, like they say the quicker you start something the quicker you finish it. So, make a plan! There is always a lot of material to get through so making a plan is key to make sure you cover all the areas you’re focusing on, it also helps you makes sense of the subject you a revising and helps you divide the material into more managable chunks. Setting achievable goals will reinforce your confidence. Instead of completing a huge portion on one day, cut it down to smaller segments. As the goals are met tick it off your checklist and start being happy about these small achievements.

    Make sure you take regular breaks and treat yourself! This is perhaps easier said than done, but try to remember you are doing your best! Putting yourself under too much pressure will have a negative effect on your revision and how you feel about the exams coming up. As they say “worrying doesn’t solve anything!”. So take some me time, take the morning off and go for a walk in the fresh air, meet up with friends to take about something other than revision, read a book, or even order yourself some cupcakes – the tired and stressed you will thank you when they arrive!!

    Get some sleep, it is so important to get a good nights sleep, not only on the night before your exams but also the run up. The benefits of a proper night’s sleep can not be underestimated. Sleep improves brain function and means you are able to focus better on the task at hand!

    Lastly, if you are stressing do be afraid to Let it all out!!! Sometimes you just need someone to talk to about it, you can work through it together and enjoy the cupcakes you ordered yesterday 😉







  • Father’s Day Gifts To Accompany Father’s Day Cupcakes!

    Looking for something extra to add to your Father’s Day cupcakes? Dads’ can be hard to buy for at the best of times but Father’s day is a whole different story, we have found the answer – SUBSCRIPTIONS!!! You can get almost anything delivered to your door, with popularity rising online subscription are a great option. Labelled as “the gift that keeps on giving” you can ensure 12 months of glee.

    Here are a few of our favourite subscriptions which we think are perfect for Father’s Day:

    Spotify: Does your Dad love music? How about a Spotify subscription – they have a huge arrange of music from classical to punk every genre and era is covered. They state: “There are millions of songs on Spotify. Play your favourites, discover new tracks, and build the perfect collection.”  – the ideal gift for the music enthusiast.

    Henry J Socks: Bored of buying the same old socks for Dad? How about something a little different and send him a new pair every month. You are able to tailor the subscription to your needs, Henry J Socks advertise “Bespoke quality knitting, along with vibrancy and quirky social appeal. They’re bold, beautiful and perfect for everyday use.” You’ll never have to worry about buying boring socks again!!

    Henry Socks

    The Coffee Factory: For the Dad who loves his morning coffee, this subscription promised freshly roast coffee straight to your door, you are able to change the subscription to suit your tastes. Their Coffees are available as beans, or freshly ground for cafetiere, filter or espresso.

    Best of British Beer: They are able to wrap up a whole year of presents in one go! They offer different styles of beer from Britain’s finest microbreweries, the gift includes a pub quiz and tasting notes! Perfect for the beer connoisseur!!!

    Best british

    Grüum: Perfect for the hipster Dad – A monthly grooming kit filled with shave, beard and skincare, a quick survey to set up the account and you are ready to receive your first box! Their flexible approach means you are able change, pause or cancel your subscription at any time.








  • Plan the perfect Baby Shower

    Inspiration for planning the perfect Baby Shower – from table decorations, theme ideas to the all important Baby Shower Cupcakes!

  • Mother’s Day Gift Inspiration…

    Finding the best Mother’s day gift can be tricky. What do you buy the woman who has given you everything? We think that the more personal the better, something that is just for them. Something special that she can indulge in. Consider her hobbies – is she a baker? Does she like gardening? It she a yogi? How about a Cupcake Bouquet or peruse these suggestions…


    Trinket Boxes


    We love these vintage inspired trinket boxes from Oliver Bonas, they are neutral and will fit in with most bedroom décor. They have mirrored bases to add light and space and have the bonus of showing off the beautiful contents.



    Yoga Mat


    These yoga mats from Bliss Cloud are not only beautiful in design they are also eco-friendly and latex free. For the yoga enthusiasts this the perfect gift. They come in a variety of colours and designs and you are able to download a free guide to help Mum with her yoga journey.




    Why not head down to the local spa and get some vouchers for mum to pamper herself. Whether it’s a manicure or a hot stone massage a trip to the spa is the perfect indulgence. Why not arrange a day out for the both of you to spend some quality time together and have some pampering.


    Cupcake Bouquet

    Rather than sending flowers, how about a cupcake bouquet – well 12 of these gorgeous Peony cupcakes. Available in gift boxes of 6 or 12 cupcakes (including the option for gluten free) finished with a handwritten gift card and ribbon, these little morsels are sure to delight.

    Cupcake Bouquet


    Skincare for Gardeners


    Is your mum a devoted gardener but has everything she needs, how about this skincare range specifically developed for gardener’s hands? From B Skincare, It includes a hand scrub and moisturiser made with all natural products, each product is made by a small family run business in the heart of Cornwall.


    Personalised Biscuit Tin


    (image via )

    We love these personalised biscuit tins from Getting Personal, perfect for biscuit lovers and bakers alike. They have an extensive range of designs and all of which you are able to personalise with names and messages. Encourage mum to put her feet up, grab a brew and dig in.




  • Building Client Relationships with the Power of Cupcakes!

    Want to reward a new client, show a repeat customer you care or say thanks? We work with a number of corporate clients with engagement campaigns as one offs or on an ongoing basis, sending branded cupcakes across the UK and Europe.

    See what we can do with Corporate Cupcakes for your organisation. Don’t take just our word for it, here are a couple of client case studies.

    We work with Circle Recruitment, a specialist IT recruiter –  sending their new clients a box of cupcakes to celebrate. Circle Recruitment were looking for a fun way to say thanks and create some buzz in the office. Each order is notified by email and dispatched same day or on the pertinent date of their choosing. Cupcakes are the perfect medium – always celebratory, in individual form to share with colleagues and a novel way to get a brand noticed.

    Steve Ricketts – MD of Circle Recruitment says:

    We first trialed Rachael’s Kitchen several years ago by ordering some cupcakes for our staff, who thought they were delicious!  As a result, we chose Rachael’s Kitchen to be one of our main suppliers in relation to rewarding customer loyalty.

    The feedback from our customers was, and remains, excellent. We highly recommend Rachael’s Kitchen as a high quality provider of corporate gifts.


    Our friends at Commercial Loan Brokerage Chaseblue Loans have worked with us for a number of years, sending cupcakes each time they create a new broker relationship as well as Christmas gift campaigns. We love coming up with new designs bespoke to their brand to delight their clients. Ben Gillespie – MD of Chaseblue Loans says:

    Working with Rachael’s Kitchen has always been simple and straightforward – each time we want to send our branded cupcakes we ping an email over with the client details and they take care of the rest – always quickly and efficiently. We’ve had great feedback and the relationship has made looking after our valued clients all the easier. I trust Rachael with our brand and can rely on her team to produce a high quality product. For Business clients operating in competitive industries, finding a novel way to treat clients in a cost effective way can set you apart.

    Branded cupcakes


    We can fulfill orders with a super fast turnaround, including cupcake branding as well well as personalised packaging options for seamless Corporate Gifts. If you are courting a new prospect we can send cupcakes featuring your logo as well as theirs – excuse the pun but the icing on the cake!


  • Spring Inspiration..

    If you’re anything like us, Spring can’t come quick enough! Here are a few of our favourite spring cupcakes that we cannot wait to try in the bakery!

  • Our Google Advert

    We’re very excited that our Google Ad is now live! Such a fun experience and we were all stars for the day…